Our Methods




VEGACHECK is a test that studies the adjustment processes of cellular systems based on their electrical behaviour. Indeed, many electrical activities take place inside our bodies, such as the cardio-circulatory activity, the nervous system activity, the smooth and striated muscle activity, and so on.
And precisely as it happens for the electrocardiogram, the electroencephalogram, etc., the skin records slight differences in electrical potential, thus becoming a sort of a mirror of the chemical, thermal and electrical reactions that take place within our bodies.

How the test it is carried out.
A few electrodes, positioned in pre-defined points, detect and measure the passage of electrical energy in the different areas of the body.
By generating a series of pulses between two poles, the device creates an electrical field that causes the positive and negative ions to migrate towards the opposite pole: the electric flow thus creates a flow of ions.
The body’s different responses thus highlight the main parameters, such as pH and oxygen concentration, as well as the vitality of tissues and their ability to adjust to external stimuli.

Identifying causes means preventing problems.
In virtually all cases, organic diseases are preceded by biohumoral and nervous functional alterations that, often go on for years prior to causing the actual physical damage.
When the body is in a state of imbalance, there can be the onset of disorders, diseases or suffering
VEGACHECK allows early identification of any functional alterations, clearly pinpointing the “weaknesses” and areas that require diagnosis, prevention and therapy. During the test, a slight electric correction is also carried out to make it easier for the body to restore its overall balance.

The Mora-Therapy device (developed by Dr. Morell and by an engineer named Rasche in the early 1970s) gives us a new view of disease and patient as it is the only piece of equipment that uses no medication, only the patient’s electromagnetic frequencies to cure the disease.

Thanks to Mora-Therapy, we can remove anomalous frequencies from the body and, by enhancing positive waves, we can strengthen the body’s self-defence and self-healing mechanisms. This is without a doubt the device that is most representative and most effective in the field of the new technique called Bio-resonance.

This technique allows us to carry out quick and accurate diagnostic check-ups and effective therapies, without using any drugs, traditional or homeopathic.
All living cells emit frequencies that inform the body at all times of its actual conditions and, by adapting to the constant changes, this information maintain a condition of balance, harmony and therefore of good health.
It follows that diseases represent the disorder and imbalance of these EM frequencies, which are unable to properly transmit their information to the entire body.

The test using the Mora-Therapy device (totally non-invasive and painless) is carried out by resting a spherical tip against a finger of the patient’s hand, while the other hand is holding a metallic knob: this creates a very week current flow that conveys bioelectric information.

Afterwards, it is possible to arrive at a diagnosis according to Functional Medicine and formulate the right therapy.

The DFM is unique in its case and has been designed especially to operate in the field of preventive medicine. While not claiming to be a diagnostic strwnento universal offrebuone ability to detect regulatory problems in the latent phase of chronic diseases.

  • • Evaluation of the general energy of energy reserves and the ability to body reaction (adjustment);

  • • evaluation of the defense force;

  • • the state of vitality;

  • • weakness organic;

  • • acute and Chronic Stress;

  • • relations pathophysiological and functional-physiological organs and organ systems such causal chains or networks;

  • • load right or left;

  • • diagnostic Documentation;

  • • controls therapeutic;

  • • diseases, especially related to the use of chemical-pharmaceutical therapies or alternative;

  • • prognosis of the disease;

  • • prognosis of therapy.