Acid erosion is the gradual weakening and loss of tooth enamel.
Indeed, any time we eat or drink something acid (fruit juice, carbonated drinks, wine and the like …) the enamel surface turns weaker and, hence, becomes more exposed to the toothbrush’s action.
Unfortunately, in recent years food has changed and has led to an increased consumption of acid nutrients.
However, the erosion cannot be seen by the naked eye. Only an expert dentist is able to recognize that enamel thinning is in progress: in any case, a warning sign could be a slight sensitivity to hot or cold food.

If this is your case, we suggest you should be seen by a dentist to assess the state of your enamel.

You do not need to give up food acids. You’ll simply have to follow some advice such as drinking with a straw, swallowing fruit soon after chewing it, immediately brushing your teeth after eating acid foods...