One of our main goals is to preserve the patient's natural teeth as long as possible but sometimes, when teeth are corrupted by deep caries or other types of diseases, an extraction is required.
Among all dental treatments, tooth extraction is the one that most worries patients. But there is no reason to be afraid.
As a matter of fact, if the need to pull out a tooth arises, we put in place a number of specific and well-tried procedures to prevent the patient from feeling the slightest pain.
After giving local anaesthesia in the proper dosage, we carefully inspect the area to be operated on, which must be thoroughly numb.
Once the actual extraction has been carried out, we always take care to bridge the channel left by the tooth root with artificial bone, a biocompatible material that promotes the formation of new bone and the healing of tissue.
This is a very important practice because an adequate bone volume is essential to ensure the stability of the teeth adjoining the one pulled out as well as to assure the aesthetics of teeth and gums.
Finally, to ensure a prompt and full healing without side effects, the patient undergoes MORA Therapy: a method which, by combining the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine with the innovative technology of bio-electronic medicine, stimulates targeted acupuncture points.