Professional oral care consists of a number of treatments with the goal of removing all residues which have settled over time and which cannot be removed by daily using toothbrush and floss. Professional oral care involves a number of tasks that vary depending on the state of oral health state in each individual patient.
- Tartar ablation: i.e. the removal of over gingival tartar;
- polishing: i.e. the polishing of dental surfaces with a special prophylaxis paste;
- root smoothing: i.e. the removal of under gingival tartar. This surgery is performed under local anaesthesia;
- open-Sky Root Smoothing: it is similar to the previous surgical operation. The only difference is that the gum is detached from the underlying bone.

This practice is required when periodontal pockets reach such a depth as to preclude any accurate cleaning by the above methods

impiantologia odontoiatria tradizionale

As the term suggests consists of all those maneuvers that should be performed at home in order to ensure a level compatible with oral health care.

Good oral hygiene is ensured by proper brushing teeth in the gingival direction (from pink to white) of the outer and inner tooth surfaces, and the occlusal surface (with anteroposterior and lateral movements).

Last but not least is the cleansing of the lingual surface that retains its shape for many food particles and bacteria, predisposing to the development of halitosis.

Next step is the use of dental floss to clean the spaces between the teeth and the other.

impiantologia odontoiatria tradizionale